Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park
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Get up close and personal with our continent's awesome apex predator and learn about them in one of our popular guided encounters.

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Visit the

Petting Area

Interact up close with some of Australia's iconic wildlife in our petting area.

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Take a stroll around our sanctuary

Enjoy a walk through this scenically stunning area where our kangaroo mob, emus and herd animals reside in spacious fields.

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Welcome to
Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park

Located just 15 minutes from the famous Twelve Apostles and stretching across approximately 40 acres, we are a privately run wildlife park offering the unique experience of close-up interaction with some of Australia’s iconic wildlife. Our focus is on providing healthy, spacious environments for all our animals which makes this experience the more enjoyable for our visitors.

Our Beautiful Animals

Eastern Grey Kangaroo


Common Wombat

Red Necked Wallaby

Fallow Deer

Red Deer



Plan Your Visit

Set on 40 acres of hilly farmland, we ensure that all our animals live in spacious and natural envrionments, making encounters safe and enjoyable for visitors and animals alike.

Aside from the large sancturay fields which house our kangaroo and emu mob and our herd animals, the park features a large petting area where visitors can enter and get up close with Australian wildlife, 3 dingo enclosures, and a wombat enclosure.

While walking the track takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes, average visiting time ranges between 45 minutes to 1 hour. There is no set time limit to your visit in the park.