Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park

Red Deer

These majestic deer are known for their reddish-brown coat and their grandiose antlers which can reach up to 70 cm in length and weigh up to 1 kg. Antlers are shed each year, and regrown, covered with a velvety, vascular skin at first which supplies nutrients to the growing bone inside.

Red Deer are widespread across Europe, Asia Minor, Central and Western Asia, and even in the North Africa’s Atlas Mountains. They have been introduced to numerous other countries, like the United States, Canada, several South American countries, New Zealand, and Australia. They love open woodlands and can be found in aspen hardwood forests, swamps, grasslands and meadows, and open mountainous areas. Preferred grazing times are early morning and evening times.

Males and females live mostly segregated lives, with females grouping around a matriarchal figure and males remaining among themselves, except during mating season. They are polygynous, one male mating with several females.

After birth, cow and calf live alone for several weeks, after which they rejoin the herd. The mother takes care of her young for the first year of its life.