Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Aside from being famously mischievous, these small goats are known for their intelligence, curiosity, and friendliness, and can be great fun. They are great climbers and easily leap over fences which makes containing them a bit of a challenge.

Their short, glossy coat varies in colour from reddish-brown and black to white. Breeding happens the whole year round, and one doe can birth up to 5 kids in one litter. These goats are often farmed for their milk which is sweet and highly nutritious.

Dwarf Goats are mostly found on farms and small homesteads, and the occasional zoo, but are originally descendant from the hot, humid plains and valleys of Central and West Africa.

They are herbivores with a diet ranging from herbs, weeds, shrubs and leaves to grains. These animals are ruminants: they chew their cud.