Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park


Far from being a mere 5-minute photo-op, our dingo encounters aim to communicate what we at the park are passionate about: to open up the world of the dingo – our continent’s top order regulating predator – to our visitors during a 30 to 40 minute experience which comprises quality time spent with one of our Alpine Dingo couples and an in-depth discussion of the incredible nature and abilities of these iconic animals. Having grown up in a respectful and caring environment, our dingoes love to interact with humans which makes for an unforgettable experience when getting up close with them.

The Dingo – a Healer?

Interacting with animals is commonly recognised as being therapeutic. Not only are dingoes no exception, but they are remarkably suited for this. We have never attempted to “tame” the dingoes in our care. We respect their independence as much as this is possible for animals in captivity. Therefore, our dingoes’ relationship with humans is untainted, meaning that they have no need to endear themselves, are not submissive, because there is no need for this type of behaviour. When our dingoes approach and interact up close with humans, they do so out of their desire to connect. Their acute sense of perception makes them attuned to the “needs” of the person they meet. No encounter is the same, but from many years of experience we can safely say that dingoes “read” people, and they do so lovingly.

Over the years, we have frequently conducted dingo encounters for visitors with disabilities, sometimes small groups. The dingoes’ ability to see past externalities and connect to people on a deeper level is instrumental in making these encounters a truly therapeutic experience.