Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park


A subspecies of the African Wild Ass, the donkey was domesticated in Africa 5000 to 6000 years ago. Now, domesticated donkeys can be found across the globe, and are commonly used as draught and pack animals. Depending on breed and the environment they live in, donkeys come in a range of sizes. Most of them have cross-like dorsal and shoulder stripes.

Social by nature, they get along with a variety of other animals in the paddock, including sheep, alpacas, cows, and horses. They are known to be stubborn, which most likely can be put down to their very cautious nature: when alarmed, they usually either freeze or run. Mostly, they are known to be obedient and hard-working, and are also used as herd guards.

Donkeys are herbivores, grazing on grass and shrubs.

They are polygynous, one male mating with many females.

True wild donkeys prefer warm and dry climates and can still be found today in northern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.